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The MiniBoom-L is a large boom angle indicator (6.44" wide) and displays a range of -10 to +90 angular degrees. It is designed to be mounted on the LEFT side of the boom. The engraved and hand painted numerals and hashmarks are extremely durable in harsh conditions. It features a high-visibility Saturn Yellow tube assembly with special damping fluid that works down to -40 degrees F/-40 degrees C. Fully-enclosed housing protects glass tube assembly. Pressure-sensitive adhesive foam tape is included on the back for easy mounting.


See below for more details and specifications.

Product Details & Specifications


  • Boom angle indicator (small/left-side mount)
  • Range: -10 to +90 angular degrees.
  • Paint-filled hashmarks and screenprinted numerals.
  • Special damping fluid works down to -40 degrees F / -40 degrees C.
  • High-visibility Saturn Yellow tube assembly.
  • Fully enclosed housing protects tube assembly.
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive foam tape on back for easy mounting.
  • High-contrast black indicator ball.


  • Part Number: 3050-I
  • Angular Range: -10° to 90°
  • Temperature Range: -40° to 125° F
  • Dimensions: 6.44" W x 2.86" H x 0.80" D (16.4cm W x 7.3cm H x 2.0cm D)
  • Weight: 2.4 oz / 68g
  • Angular Tolerance: ±2.0°
  • Resolution: 5°